8 February 2021

Mylhta launches Lilla furuhyllan, design Carl Malmsten

Mylhta is now launching Lilla furuhyllan – a new interpretation of Carl Malmsten’s original drawing from 1941. The shelf, with its iconic design inspired by the Swedish forest, is the result of a collaboration with Carl Malmsten AB and the trade organisation Swedish Wood.

”Today, Carl Malmsten stands for exclusive products of high craftsmanship. With Lilla furuhyllan, we make his design available to more people”, says Lisa Hilland, designer and founder of Mylhta.

Lilla furuhyllan is a joint project involving Mylhta, Carl Malmstens AB and Swedish Wood. The idea behind the collaboration was to make Carl Malmsten’s design more widely available, share knowledge about Swedish joinery and furniture making, as well as draw attention to the high quality of Swedish pine. The result, Lilla furuhyllan, is a neat shelf just as suitable for kitchen spices as for your favourite books.

”We want the products to be contemporary while retaining their original design. We also want to show the sustainability aspect of Carl Malmsten’s work, which we believe is a real corner stone. In this case, it’s mainly the wood as raw material and domestic production which are highlighted”, say Nicola Nerström and Olle Dahlkild at Carl Malmsten AB.

Anna Kraitz

The original design of the shape is the same, as is the material. The shelf is made from country of origin labelled Swedish pine of the highest quality from Sefres sawmill in Järbo. Via a digital tool, it is possible to see exactly where the trees that the shelf is made of stood, and which owner manages the forest. Sweden has a sustainable forest industry, which yields long-lasting, high-quality products.

”The fact that Mylhta has chosen to stick with pine feels just right and trendy. We hope this product will receive the attention it deserves, both in Sweden and internationally. I would also like to see more producers following on and starting to make quality furniture from Swedish pine. The end result is a piece of beautiful Swedish furniture history”, says Björn Nordin.

Matti Klenell

When Mylhta had made the first copy, Lisa Hilland wondered if something more could be made from this.

”When I stood there with the first shelf in my arms, I felt that I was actually carrying a Swedish cultural treasure. Who will take over the baton now? Who will design tomorrow’s cultural heritage? I contacted some of Sweden’s best-known designers of today and asked if they would set their mark on Lilla Furuhyllan”, says Lisa Hilland.

Lisa Hilland

The response was enthusiastic and resulted in a further two interpretations by Anna Kraitz and Matti Klenell. All three versions of Lilla Furuhyllan have been approved by Carl Malmsten AB and will be going up for auction via Stockholm Auktionsverk during Stockholm Design Week.

The shelf will continue to be part of Mylhta’s range and will also be sold at  Malmstensbutiken in Stockholm.



Lisa Hilland