Tussilago wallpaper

The pattern Tussilago was first printed for the Home Exhibition at Liljevalchs art gallery in 1917. Carl Malmsten had been invited to design several rooms with furniture, lighting, wallpaper, etc. The aim of the exhibition was to create “more beautiful things for everyday use”. All of Malmsten’s wallpaper designs made for the exhibition (Tussilago, Fågel Blå and Storslingan) are seemingly inspired by 18th century cotton print patterns and were printed in light pastel colours. An amusing anecdote is that Carl Malmsten during an interview, revealed that his copy of Carl Larsson’s book “Ett Hem” was completely worn out. In the book, Carl Larsson writes tenderly about dandelions, and what could be more suitable for an admirer like Malmsten to name one of his patterns after the slightly smaller and humbler Tussilago (Colt’s foot).

The patterns Tussilago, Fågel Blå and Korsblomma are printed by Lim & Handtryck’s Färg & Tapetmakeri using the same handicraft skills and types of material as when they were first printed in 1917 and in the 1940s (roller printing on paper with distemper shaded with iron oxides and earth pigment). The wallpapers are wipeable.






Length: 10m/roll Width: 48 cm Repeat: 48 cm


Lim & Handtryck