The sofa Samspel was composed by Carl Malmsten in 1956 and was then produced by the furniture makers Record in Bollnäs. In the same year, the museum curator and cultural profile Erik Wettergren wrote that the strength in Malmsten’s work is about “the deep roots in Swedish tradition and human sense of comfort”. A statement that is still true today, more than 60 year later. After many years of hibernation, O.H. Sjögren resumed production of the sofa in 2016.




Height: 82 cm Length: 155 cm Depth: 80 cm Seat height: 40 cm Seat depth: 52 cm
Legs can be extended by up to 5 cm.


The frame is in solid pine. The seat has a double-spring interior with a combination of nozag and spiral springs. The padding consists of cold foam, polyether and fiberfill. Reversible cushion filled with a mixture of seabird feathers and synthetic down. Legs in solid oak.


O.H. Sjögren