Runda Samsas

Runda Samsas is a model from the Samsas series, and was originally designed for a postmaster in Bromma to fit under the bay window in his new house. The basic Samsas model from 1960 is, in turn, a further developed version of the easy chair Konsert, which Carl Malmsten designed for the Stockholm Concert Hall in 1923. Konsert was put into production – slightly modified – in the 1930s. The approach was typical for Carl Malmsten: Lovingly, he turned and twisted his favourite designs. As the interior designer Lena Larsson, herself a pupil of Malmsten, wrote: “In fact, Carl Malmsten designed the same piece of furniture throughout his life. Especially his upholstered item for sitting. This was refined, simplified, worked in different types of wood, with different finishes. But it stood firmly on its legs: a timeless Malmsten. He believed in the principle of slow ripening.”




Height: 89 cm Length: 200 cm Depth: 103 cm Seat height: 42 cm Seat depth: 49 cm
Legs can be extended by up to 5 cm.


The frame is in solid pine. The seat is built up with nozag springs. The padding consists of cold foam, polyether and fiberfill. Legs in solid oak.


O.H. Sjögren