Putte stool

Visingsö, Hadar, Rusthållaren, Capella… Carl Malmsten designed a number of stools, sturdy and solid in birch or pine, and always with a fine recess in the seat. Kind to the back and pleasing to the eye. The Putte stool is a small, but older relative of the larger stools – with fine details, such as the stylish tapering of the legs where they fix into the seat. A hole for the hand makes it easier to lift. The stool was designed for an exhibition at Ostermans Marmorhallar in Stockholm. Today, it is made from offcuts by the furniture manufacturer Tre Sekel in Tibro. The result is different types of wood for different stools.




Height low stool: 17 cm Height high stool: 26 cm Width: 24 cm Length: 35 cm


Birch, pine, ash or oak.


Hardwax or soap.


Tre Sekel möbelsnickeri