Fågel Blå fabric

The pattern with birds and flowers was one Carl Malmsten’s first designs. He made it for the Home Exhibition 1917 at Liljevalchs art museum, which opened the same year. The exhibition was organised by the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design and had a clearly stated social agenda. There was a campaign for simplicity in furnishings and a Swedish style – also when it came to wallpaper patterns. The organisers had estimated that around 8,000 people would come to the exhibition, but during the two months that it was showing no less than 40,000 people turned up. However, the working classes, which they had hoped to attract, were conspicuous by their absence. Instead, the “every day products” shown at the exhibition became a new fashion for the better off. Fågel Blå is also produced as wallpaper, printed with a 100-year-old collagraph machine at Lim & Handtryck.




Wool 85%, polyamide 15%.


Width: 150 cm Repeat: 50 x 76 cm