5 February 2019

Nordic Antiques Fair 14-17 February 2019

On 15 February at 12.30 p.m. there will be a seminar on Carl Malmsten as a pattern designer in collaboration with Silva Malmsten from the Siv & Carl Malmsten Memorial Foundation and Handtryckta tapeter. Lim & Handtryck at the Byggnadsvård stage C22:39, for programme, see antikmassan.se.

Carl Malmsten – A man of patterns

Carl Malmsten’s signature adorns a range of beautiful patterns for wallpapers, textiles, carpets and, not least, his many exclusive intarsia designs. His passion for genuine pattern craftsmanship has been kept alive for many years thanks to the companies Lim & Handtryck and Handtryckta tapeter, which print Fågel blå and Storslingan for decorating the walls of various institutions and private residences. During the antiques fair, we will present the pattern designer Carl Malmsten, and especially the current work in bringing out three more wallpaper designs from his collection.