Stadshusstolen (City Hall Chair) was the starting signal for Carl Malmsten’s career as a furniture designer. He was 28 years old when he won the competition announced by Ragnar Östberg and the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design for simple office furniture protoypes for the City Hall. You can understand the surprise of the jury when they realised that both first and second prize had been awarded to a hitherto completely unknown designer. The same year, Malmsten opened his own workshop on Tunnelgatan in Stockholm. When Carl Malmsten much later commented on his prize winning furniture, he wrote, tounge-in-cheek: “The chairs suit every decisive, orderly – however, not inflexible, bureaucratic – earthly rooted person.”
Oddly enough, Stadshusstolen never found a place in the building. Today, the chair with its graceful and prominent Art Nouveau character, is made to order by Carl Malmsten Ab.




Height: 85 cm Width: 63 cm Depth: 58 cm Seat height: 47 cm Seat depth: 45 cm


Solid oak, seat in braided rattan. Down-filled leather cushion optional.


Soap or smoked oak.


Carl Malmsten Ab