Korsblomma wallpaper

Over the years, Carl Malmsten made quite a few wallpaper designs. Colourful sketches of this design are found in CM’s archive. Malmsten called this pattern Korsblomma and it was available both as wallpaper and fabric. Korsblomma, also called Passion flower, was nominated “Plant of the Month” by the magazine Husmodern’s flower club in 1941. Was it this that inspired Carl Malmsten’s design, or was the pattern just a play on words (cross flower)? Anyhow, the exotic plant was popular in functionalist environments, and the rounded corners of the pattern is an example of a design language that Malmsten came to develop and strongly advocate: “Break all edges thoroughly”. He simply believed that furniture and forms with rounded corners are kinder to the touch and to the eye.

The patterns Tussilago, Fågel blå and Korsblomma are printed by Lim & Handtryck’s Färg & Tapetmakeri using the same handicraft skills and types of material as when they were first printed in 1917 and in the 1940s (roller printing on paper with distemper shaded with iron oxides and earth pigment). The wallpapers are wipeable.




Length: 10 m/roll Width: 50 cm Repeat: 25 cm


Lim & Handtryck