Hemmakväll sofa

Hemmakväll was the first item of furniture in a series for the family. It is as base sofa around which the family could gather. It was followed by Farmor, Lillasyster and several other models with familiar names, so typical for Carl Malmsten, and which contribute to the feeling of homeliness that he wanted to create with his furniture. Many of Malmsten’s designs originated in the late 19th century upholstered furniture for the bourgeoisie. He was inspired without copying; his ability to make use of tradition without getting stuck in old ideals was unwaivering.




Height: 83 cm Width: 205 cm Depth: 84 cm Seat height: 43 cm Seat depth: 54 cm
Legs can be extended by up to 5 cm.


The frame is in solid pine. The seat is built up with nozag springs. The padding consists of cold foam, polyether and fiberfill. Legs in solid oak. Available with loose cushions or fixed seat.


O.H. Sjögren