In the mid-1950s, Carl Malmsten awarded ten small furniture companies, mainly in Småland, the honour of making series of some of his products. Among the first pieces was Farmor, which soon became the most popular armchair. It has a high back and maximum sitting comfort, and is also neat and easily placed. Carl Malmsten wanted his furniture to express a particular feeling or mood, and this was reflected in the names he gave them. Farmor (Grandmother) was one of the armchairs in a series with names of members of the family, such as Farfar (Grandfather), Husmor (Housekeeper) and Lilla Syster (Little Sister).




Height: 100 cm Width: 72 cm Depth: 83 cm Seat height: 41 cm Seat depth: 52 cm
Legs can be extended by up to 5 cm.


The frame is in solid pine. The seat is built up with nozag springs. The padding consists of cold foam, polyether and fiberfill. Legs in solid oak.


O.H. Sjögren